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5 Qualities You Want In Your Husband

Every woman has her own list of qualities that her future husband should poses- for some it can be appearance, for some personality, for some education- and the list goes on. But what really matters in the long run? experience has shown that looks fade away, and people change…so how can you make the right decision when you don’t know what are some of the qualities that the person you will share your life and have a family shall posses?

This list below is a part of Islamic Learning Materials that will help you see things clear because life is a journey and you better share it with someone worth it.

1- Piety (The quality of being religious) . The most important quality you should search in a man is for him to be closest to Allah,  and how good of a muslim that person it is. 

2- Good Character. When it comes to qualities your future husband should have, character is essential.  When you like or love someone you tend not to see their faults and mistakes, instead you have this beautiful image of him in your mind. But you should be rational and see the red flags- such as quick temper, because they may hurt you or himself.

What does a good character in a man includes? 1. Charitable  2. Refrains from taking bad about others 3. Is patient in times of stress.

3- Intelligent/ Wisdom-  A man can be really nice and lovely person but he can still be a fool. You may go ahead and marry him but it’s going to take a lot of struggle for you to make the marriage with a fool work.  Keep in mind that education does not equal intelligence. How many university graduates you have seen that are far away from being intelligent or professionals.

4- Ability to Support You- It’s the men job to take care and support his wife. He doesn’t have to be one of the top doctors, lawyers or engineer, he just needs to be a good husband.  Even though is his responsibility to take care of you, it’s your responsibility to decide if you can settle down with someone that can support you or not. How much support you need? just remember that everyone goes through tough times but with the help of Allah, everything will get better.

5- Last of the qualities you should search is Physical Attraction.  It’s last on the list for a reason. It’s a stupid mistakes to put this first on the list.  Looks, culture, race, or nationality,  should not be deciding factors.  If you meet someone with all the qualities above, you should not reject him only because he has different culture, race or nationality or not being handsome enough.

Remember, Nobody is perfect. He has imperfection and so do you!

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